Altraders Investment Company

Frequently asked questions

This is the regular asked question which can also help you on how you can go about investing with us.


To begin investing with us, all you need to do is to enroll with your details by simply visiting HERE

You are required to have opened a wallet address which from there you can the required cryptocurrency to make your investment and also this same wallet will be needed when you want to make a successful withdrawal.

It is always our most and top priority to make sure that your funds and been guided and traded accurately as we have team of professionals that takes care of this for you with no hassel.

Profits generated from your investments are been paid after the end of your investment cycle which it will be credited back to your profit together with your capital.

We are protected with the best security network and also, our site is certified with comodo security, so you don't need to worry as your funds and details are 100% secured and protected.

Yes you are allowed to open a multiple account but not with same email address previously to open an account but this accounts can not be used as your direct referral else your account will be sanctioned.

Once your deposit has been confirmed by our finance department, the funds witll be credited to your account balance automatically.

In some cases you have funds in your balance while your investment is on-going, yes you can make a successful withdrawal from your account but should you not have any funds in your account, then your withdrawal will not be possible.